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Jan 28, 2013 12:30am EST
affairs programming. >> next, a house hearing on military sexual assault. then defense secretary leon panetta announces he's lifting the ban on women in combat. then at iowa gov. terry branstad gives his condition of the state address. >> we have created a platform that we call a digital health feedback system. the main components are an adjustable center that turned on when you swallow it. it communicates with your body. it sends information to a level patch that you wear on your torso. it collects information about your physiology and the medicines use wallop. sleep, temperature, or treat. this will give you a panel of a physiological wellness. it communicates through radio and enables us to take the data, process it, and give it back to you in an application that will help you manage yourself. >> we are at an inflection point. now, "calls it in point. we have had all these incremental amazing changes over the past five years, and now we are poised to make some great leaps in these complex diseases. our understanding of cancer over the past couple of years has board -- dwarfed all o
Jan 27, 2013 9:30pm EST
. there is a role for that. there is justification for that. it is not just a matter of not being on the defensive in the debate. bringing up the hard cases for the other guy. it is also about making long-term arguments about what government has done. all too often, not just our candidates but people on the front lines often find our content with the talking points. the clinton problem is that it's a political problem. the cocoon problem is not just a political problem. how to reengage more -- people in this room in impacting this argument. creating a space where politicians are more comfortable doing it. >> one challenge that we have with appealing to women voters, i think it is also true of men who are -- who only have a high school diploma are have trouble finding a good job. and obama's america, we are all having trouble finding a good job. women think that when they are voting for democrats they are voting for security. single women, many of whom have children and who feel quite vulnerable to job losses or any change in the economy or anything that might go wrong in their own lives. they want
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2